Tibetan Green Tara Prayer Flag 8 X 9 1/2 Flags Mystical Moons

Tibetan Green Tara Prayer Flag 8" x 9 1/2"

  • $ 10.00

An auspicious and colorful accent brightening temples and homes across Tibet, prayer flags symbolize the five elements.

Blue represents the sky
White represents the air
Red symbolizes fire
Green represents water
Yellow stands for earth.

Individual flags are 9 1/2” x 8” with a length of cord at each end of the 20’ strand to tie it off.

A traditional Tibetan prayer flag string made up of five (5) repeating groups of five flags.

Together they're said to bring health and harmony - and we think they make for lovely decor, to boot!

Crafted of cotton fabric with polyester and nylon thread. Due to handcrafting, slight variations may occur

Made in Nepal

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