Love & Passion Trunk

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4 Garnet~ Garnet is the ultimate stone of romantic love and passion! • Enhances sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy • Brings success in business ventures • Protects from evil and is used for gentle spiritual healing 
• Use garnet to provide protection from anything that might cause stress or injury to the mind, body or spirit • Garnet protects from toxins and helps ward off infections • Garnet fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into seemingly hopeless situations. • Garnet mentally helps you let go of useless or old or obsolete ideas, and start your renewal process. 

1 Natural Rose Quartz ~ Rose quartz is a peaceful, calming stone. 
1 Rose Quartz Tumbled ~ Rose quartz is best known as the love stone. It has powerful energies that promote love and harmony. 

1 Charging Treasure Chest 

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