Angelic Origins of the Soul

Angelic Origins of the Soul

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by Tricia McCannon

A journey into the immortal nature of the Soul, the landscapes of Heaven, and the purpose behind your incarnation on Earth

  • Reveals the connection between the soul and the orders of Angels and provides a roadmap to the realms of Heaven and Hell
  • Explains the six stages of Soul Evolution and the Nine Orders of Angels
  • Describes the many dimensions between the highest celestial realms and the lower Astral plane and the Genesis Matrix, our angelic place of origin Your Soul is a divine light originating within the Angelic Orders of Heaven.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead speaks about the seven Lokas, or dimensions, the Soul travels through after death, while the Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to the Soul becoming one with the ever-renewing phoenix.

Yet what is the phoenix but a symbol of our own Angelic Twin who resides in the highest realms, the essence of our Soul? In this book, Tricia McCannon explains how to discover the angelic realms where the highest parts of yourself reside and become the catalyst for your own path of ascension.

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