Fae Door of Inner Transformation

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Welcome the Fairy of Inner Transformation to your home.

She is very excited to meet you and will love to aid you on your spiritual journey.

She is looking for a home that will allow her to bring joy to your home.  She is a very hard-working Fairy she is and will whisper in your ear her name.  She will aid you on your journey and can't wait to meet you.

Her favorite time of year is Harvest time so you find much activity during Mabon,  all for the good of this Fae's forever home.

  • Measures: 4" x5"
  • 6 Vera Cruz Amethyst Points, Mexico
  • Sits flat on the surface or ready to be hung on the wall

Handcrafted out of professional grade polymer clay and delicately painted with mica powders & acrylic paints, finished with gloss glaze. 

Fairy doors are known to help stimulate children & adults

      • Imaginations
      • Prompt creative thinking
      • Protect from bad dreams
      • Grant wishes for those well behaved
      • Help out the tooth fairy, by giving her own entry

 Place along a wall or on top of shelf or fireplace mantel & allow the Fae folk to come and visit.

Placing in the money corner of your home or in your Livingroom would help to attract the abundance fae.

It has been said that fairy doors have been magical portals to the fairy realm.

Good for indoor or outdoor. If you choose to put this fairy door in your garden first paint it with a sealer coat of polyurethane to keep it safe from the elements. In-door will require no sealer.

Welcome the fae into your home, add to your collection or start yours today.





Metaphysically Speaking


The grape is a great symbol of inner transformation

Grapes are associated with fertility and garden magic.

They also teach us how to branch out in different directions & still staying connected to each other. Flow  & bend with life directions.

Rebirth and regeneration is another way to view grapes. They do not die off easily and have the will to grow longer and represent the cycle of life.

They are also known to be used for many money spells/

Grapes are associated with healing due to the belief that wine acts as a cure-all, and they symbolize vitality.

Grape is a symbol of joy, fertility, patience  & festivities. Great for  Mabon altar to honor the harvest.

Also excellent to focus your energies on spell work to encourage inspiration and imagination as well as money-drawing spells.

The symbolism of grapes is that it has lots of teaching that will help you grow spiritually as well as help you receive the guidance you seek on your spiritual journey.


      • Abundance
      • Attract money
      • Creativity
      • Fertility
      • Mabon
      • Mental clarity
      • Prosperity 




Planet:  Jupiter, Neptune

Chakra:   Third Eye, Crown

Element: Air, Water

Zodiac:  Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Sabbath: Imbolc,Ostara,Mabon 

Deities:  Artemis, Diana, Bacchus, Dionysus

Gender:  Feminine


    • Addiction
    • Recovery
    • Astral Travel
    • Awareness 
    • Balance
    • Common Sense
    • Coping
    • Cleanse Aura
    • Dispels Depression
    • Dispels Anger
    • Dispel Anxiety
    • Dream Recall
    • Decision-Making
    • Dispel Emotional-Pain
    • Dispel Fear
    • Dispel Grief
    • Flexibility 
    • Focus
    • Headache
    • Healing
    • Harmony
    • Intuition 
    • Inner Peace
    • Loss
    • Love
    • Motivation
    • Meditation
    • Nightmares
    • Psychic Abilities
    • Protection
    • Repel Negativity 
    • Rage
    • Selflessness
    • Sleep
    • Transformation
    • Visualization
    • Wisdom
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