Garden Quartz Point

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Measures  2.8 oz 2.6"

A gemstone that awakens your internal feelings and insinuates you to make things happen. 

Gazing into this stone is said to bring about a cosmic shift of consciousness. 

Gaze into it and explore all that it may show you

Also goes by the names: 

  • Chlorite Quartz
  • Scenic Quartz
  • Shamanic Dream Quartz
  • Inclusion Quartz
  • Lodolite
  • Powerful journeying crystal
    • induce trances
    • visionary experiences
    • soul healing
  • Healing post-trauma within past relationships
  • Helps dissolve negative forces from your past and renew it with better opportunity.
  • Symbol of forest that correlates with energy rejuvenation.
  • Resonates with harmonious relationships 
  • Lifes balance
  • Uplifting inner self 
  • Enhances your love energy with a passion
  • Improving luck at home and love
  • Heal broken relationships
  • Revival and recovery 
  • Releasing from burdens and negativity
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