Honeycomb Calcite Pillar

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This is an amazing Grounding Honeycomb Calcite 

 3.8" 10.7 oz

It gets its name because of this stone’s many small holes and pits which are typical of alveolar or “honeycomb” weathering - the breakdown of rocks on the surface of the Earth by the action of natural elements such as rainwater, temperature extremes, and biological activity.

Metaphysically Speaking


  • Crown & Navel Chakras
  • placing a piece in a room can clear stagnant & negative energies
  • psychic abilities, astral projection & higher consciousness
  • meditation and attuning to higher Source energy & guidance
  • alleviates stress & brings serenity

Healing and Strengthening, Grounding, and Cleansing Abilities for the Mind, Body, and Soul. Increases Perception and Promotes Harmony, Boosts Retention of Information, and Aids Memory.

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