Honeycomb Calcite Pillar

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This is an amazing Grounding Honeycomb Calcite 

5.7" 1 lb

It gets its name because of this stone’s many small holes and pits which are typical of alveolar or “honeycomb” weathering - the breakdown of rocks on the surface of the Earth by the action of natural elements such as rainwater, temperature extremes, and biological activity.

Metaphysically Speaking


  • Crown & Navel Chakras
  • placing a piece in a room can clear stagnant & negative energies
  • psychic abilities, astral projection & higher consciousness
  • meditation and attuning to higher Source energy & guidance
  • alleviates stress & brings serenity

Healing and Strengthening, Grounding, and Cleansing Abilities for the Mind, Body, and Soul. Increases Perception and Promotes Harmony, Boosts Retention of Information, and Aids Memory.

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