Lapis Lazuli Mini Spheres

  • $ 3.00

It was known to assist one in saying the perfect thing, at the perfect time: just open your mouth and pearls of wisdom drop out! 

There are different sizes available 

Metaphysically Speaking

Lapis protects from psychic attacks and is useful in crystal healing for boosting the immune system and helping with sinus problems.

Element:   Air Chakra: Third Eye, Heart
Planet:   Jupiter Associated:   Azurite, sodalite, turquoise
Zodiac: Libra Herbs - Incenses - Oils:  Cedar, frankincense, sage, sandalwood
  • Comprehension
  • Fidelity 
  • Insight into self
  • Integrity
  • Love
    • Manifestations
    • Psychic Protection
    • Prophetic Dreams
    • Psychic Shield
    • Spiritual Love
    • Wisdom
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