Into The Depths Aqua Crystal Sphere & Stand

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Up for bidding is this amazing Into The Depths Aqua Crystal Healing Ball & Stand 

Sphere stand is approx 1" dia 

Blue brings tranquility. Anti-stress. 

Blue links with and stimulates the throat chakra. The throat chakra is often referenced as the "power center" and "the greatest center in the body" because it is the primary center of expression and communication, through speech. 

Esoteric/magickal: Elemental water and elemental air. Deities of the sea, truth, and wisdom. Peace and tranquility, calmness, truth, wisdom, justice, counsel, guidance, understanding, patience, loyalty and honor, sincerity, devotion, healing, femininity, prophetic dreams, protection during sleep, astral projection. 

Preference for blue: Cool and soothing, dreamy, and magical. Peace and rest. For people who keep a certain distance, but give calm and practical help; they are faithful and loyal, have a sense of order, logic, and rational thinking. Flying in day-dreaming, ideals, or nostalgia when felt misunderstood. Dark blue is more severe and can be melancholic. Blue is also the color of the truth. 

Aversion to blue: A person who has an aversion to blue, maybe a very disciplined, strong career worker, with an aversion of commentary or restriction. 

Crystal and gemstone balls have been used for divination since at least medieval times. They are a traditional symbol and hidden wisdom, and much more. Some of their uses include Healing, Cleansing, Rituals, Decoration with a purpose, Crystal Ball Gazing to mention just a few. 

The sphere as a shape is an ancient and universal symbol that represents unity, completeness, infinity - the whole universe. 

Crystal spheres are often used to increase self-awareness and a powerful mind. Closely connected to the spiritual nature of our complete self, crystal spheres help to bring out integrity, clear thinking, and a better union of body, mind, and spirit. 

Whether used for crystal ball gazing (scrying), aura cleansing, meditation, rituals or as an adornment to a room, crystal and gemstone spheres radiate special energies that are created from the earth itself

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