Love & Compassion" Goethite Chabazite

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This is a glistening Chabazite on Goethite from Chihuahua, Mexico


Goethite stimulates

  • psychic and metaphysical pursuits
  • Raises consciousness and vibration, enabling clairaudient communication 
  • Goethite is a powerful aid to artists, writers, and musicians
  • Goethite helps attune the physical body to the ethereal body
  • Allows access to Akashic records
  • Aligns all the chakras
  • Also known as the "Stone of Death & Rebirth”
  • Helps through grief 

Chabazite helps bring structure to your life

  • Love & compassion into one's life
  • Make good Reiki crystals
    • giving your healing energy
    • healings can be more efficient
  • Chabazite helps the addict to go into recovery and to get back in touch with their true self. 
  • Help addictive personalities make headway with their addiction
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