Calligraphers Stone Pipe

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Measures approx 4 1/2"

Comes with a replacement screen

This magickal stone offers higher guidance from your guides & angels through divination and can aid in practices of automatic writing, 

Meditating with this unique stone can help you to access the Akashic Records, leading to past-life recall & healing.

Through this, you can heal from underlying fears, emotional issues and blockages from the past and continue to move forth on your journey with new ambition and excitement as you open the door to your new-found mystical powers.

Calligraphy Script stone relates to its valuable action to aid meditation and it is also an excellent protection stone.

Also called

  • Script Stone
  • Elephant Skin Jasper
  • Mariam
  • Indian Script Stone
  • Arabic Script Stone
  • Elephant Jasper
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