Pietersite Sphere & Stand

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8.1 oz  51.8mm


Pietersite is also known as the Tempest Stone because the swirling colors in the mineral can look like a storm. It is said to "hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven".

Pietersite colors include various blues, golds, and reds, brown and black that may appear together or alone.

  • Protective when driving in bad weather conditions and calms nervous people and animals during storms.
  • Guards homes and businesses against storm damage and acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology
    •  long hours with a computer -good to have some around
    •  live near a mobile phone tower- keep around a home in & out

Meditating with Pietersite can facilitate a deep meditative state

  • Trances and out of body experiences
  • Clear blockages

Helpful to those working with deeply buried, past life issues that are creating conflicts in the present.

A stone to be aware of as its power & strength can be an amplifier and release deep down repressed emotions.  

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