Pocket Guide to Rituals

Pocket Guide to Rituals

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by Kerru Connor

Pagans are familiar with celebrating the eight Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year with rituals, but are often at a loss of how to create rituals to celebrate other special occasions in their lives.

The Pocket Guide to Rituals helps you create these rituals, to honor events from birth, marriage, and death, to seasonal miracles such as the first snowfall or the first spring blooms.

Connor breaks down the process of creating rituals one step at a time to help you create complete, cohesive rituals to perform by yourself or in groups.

She covers dozens of different kinds of rituals, eliminating the guesswork while encouraging creativity. The entry for each ritual includes details on six elements: theme; colors; crystals and stones; incense, oils, and herbs; altar decorations; and a sample of a completed ritual.

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