Yellow Cat's Eye Ring

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Size 12 
Perfect for self or as a gift... 

Metaphysical Properties 
  • Determination
  • Strength of mind
  • Steadfastness 
  • Willpower
  • Moral courage
  • Tenacity
  • Vigour
  • Resolve
  • Self control
  • Intelligence
  • Knowledge 

Cat's Eye acts to stimulate intuition and to enhance awareness. 

It is a grounding stone that provides a very effective protective energy. 

Cat's Eye dispels unwanted energy from the aura. 

It amplifies good luck and fortune. 

Cat's Eye transforms negative thoughts into positive energy. 

Cat's Eye brings happiness and serenity, along with optimism, generosity and confidence. 

It can enhance creativity and kindness. 

Traditionally, Cat's Eye is believed to protect the wearer from evil spirits. 
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