Selenite Triple Moon Dish

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"Stone of Truth & Honesty" Selenite Triple Moon Dish

Perfect for recharging chrystals and small items 

Feel grounded, calm, and serene using this high vibrational tool.

Selenite Dish from Morocco
Measures 11.3 oz  8"

Do not get wet as Selenite is salt-based and will break down over time with water exposure.

It helps to keep a cool head in volatile situations and helping to create positive results from seemingly hopeless situations.

Triple Moon Meaning

  • Maiden, Represented by the new moon. The maiden embodies purity, youth, creation, pleasure, naivety, and new beginnings. The maiden invites you to explore your spirituality, sensuality, and creativity.
  • Mother, Represented by the full moon. The mother embodies love, fertility nourishment responsibility, patience, gratitude, power, and self-care. The mother invites you to master giving and receiving love.
  • Crone, Represented by the fading waning moon. The crone embodies endings, wisdom, death, acceptance, and culmination. The crone invites you to accept that without death there is no birth.

Planes and realms

  • Earth
  • the underworld
  • heaven


  • Life
  • Birth
  • Death
  • ultimately rebirth as the moon phases continue


  • Demeter
  • Persephone/Kore
  • Hecate

A connection to all women, womanhood & divine feminine

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