Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

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A beautiful ritual tool this Rose Quartz Facial Roller is an incredible tool for inner and outer beauty.

Dual Sides Rose Quartz Roller- The big roller is ideal for neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead while the smaller is perfect for around the eyes, nose, and lips. The roller promotes blood circulation, which can reduce puffiness and wrinkling
Metaphysically Speaking

Rose Quartz: is the stone of unconditional love. Wonderful for promoting self-love & acceptance, raising self-esteem.

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, opening it to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love.

Rose quartz has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth.

The elevated energy of quartz gives rose quartz a property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. It also brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance. Rose quartz is also said to be helpful with weight loss

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