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Magical use for Crossroad Dirt  

Crossroads are associated with the union, with the joining of paths, with balance, and with the meeting of energies and times and space. The crossroads are also associated with nature spirits. The crossroads, then, are a place where the worlds meet and have the same effect as when you cast a circle. The directions, the energies, and the elements intersect at this point. They’re neither here nor there. And classically, crossroads are considered a point of supernatural activity. 

When we work with the energy of the crossroads with a god/dress, we’re picking up on the energy of possibility, of balance, and union. And when we dispose of a spell here, we’re scattering the energy to all points, not just one. We’re all equal at the crossroads. This is a space where worlds intersect, and, as we know, there are more layers to the world than what meets the eye.

Magical ways to use Graveyard Dirt

Countless spells and rituals call for graveyard dirt for anything from death rituals to elaborate hexes.  But you need not employ it in a destructive way.

  • Samhain Rituals
    • Include graveyard dirt in Samhain rituals to honor the dead.  Sprinkle some around the perimeter of your magical circle to include the spirits of your ancestors in your ritual.
  • Communicating with the Dead
    • If you plan to try a tarot spread to communicate with a loved one beyond the grave, put the graveyard dirt in a small, drawstring bag and store it with your tarot cards for a full moon cycle.  During the dark moon, draw your cards and read them.
  • At the crossroads
    • Crossroads magic is its own thing, but you know it and work with it, leave some graveyard dirt at a crossroads when trying to decide between two paths in life.
    •  Assign one path to symbolize one option, and one path to symbolize the other.  (The westward path to a decision based on your emotion or heart, or an Eastward path to represent an intellectual decision).
    •  Once you make a decision, walk down your chosen path and sprinkle graveyard dirt to “seal off” second guesses or regrets.
    • Walk away and don’t look back.
  • In the garden.
    • During the fall season, sprinkle graveyard dirt in your home garden to honor the cycle of life and encourage the dead to “come back” in the form of your crop.  Lovely for people who believe in reincarnation.
  • Protection Spells
    • Add graveyard dirt to protection sachets to provide an extra punch.
  • New Beginnings
    • Death gives way to new life.
    • If you’re starting a new chapter in your life (a new job, for example, or a new living situation), select an object that represents your past circumstances and bury it with the graveyard dirt to put your old situation behind you for good with a little ritual “closure.”
  • Ending a Romantic Relationship
    • Sometimes, ex-lovers dramatically declare “You’re dead to me!”
    • A quieter, more private declaration is usually much more honest and effective. Gather your mementos of the relationship, build a fire, burn them, and then extinguish it with graveyard dirt (bear in mind, this requires a fairly large quantity.  But it does the trick.)
  • Mourning
    • Leave a small jar of graveyard dirt from a recently deceased loved one on the altar during your mourning period to honor their memory and keep them close to the heart.
  • In Covens
    • Use graveyard dirt in coven rituals to signify a change in leadership, a breakaway from a larger group or the ending of an era in the coven’s history.
  • For Home Protection
    • Walk the outdoor perimeter of your home and sprinkle a little graveyard dirt on all the corners to protect it from dark entities, unwanted spirits and negative energy.

Magical uses for Dandelion 

  • Dandelion has a number of properties associated with metaphysical skills: it’s used in dream work, and divination, especially effective in spirit communication and summoning, and will supposedly aid psychic development. When the leaves and root are burned they can be used as an incense to boost clairvoyance and divinatory abilities.
  • Dandelion is associated with wind and air spirits. It was also supposedly used in invocations to Hecate and death related deities.
  • Bury or plant dandelions at the northwest corner of your home to bring favourable energies and draw good luck.
  • They are also used for: purification, wishes, healing, positivity, and protection from bad dreams.

Magical use for Porcupine Needles 

Porcupines are associated with earth magick and allow you to access the earth for strength and guidance. Magically the quills have been used for protection against black magick. The porcupine teaches us that when that trust is broken and an enemy comes after us, we have the inner strength to protect ourselves. 

  • Ways to Use: 
    • Cut one of the tips off to use for magical writing with liquid ink
    • Use to inscribe candles for candle magick
    • Defense magick
    • Altar décor & symbolism for rituals and spells
    • Cursing/Hexing magick
    • Inner strength & uncrossing
    • Protection of all kinds
    • Create into a wand
    • Magical crafts of all kinds

Magical uses for Snake Skin 

  • New beginnings/shedding old layers
  • Transformation
  • Increase personal power (stay humble, use with caution)
  • Revealing the truth of a matter or situation
  • Uncovering hidden beauty
  • Patience for a situation you have methodically planned

Magic uses for Cat Whiskers

  • Cat whiskers are very magical! They can be used in any spell to give it a huge magical boost! They are also very good for good luck and protection.
  • A cat uses its whiskers to keep itself safe- they let the cat know if it can fit into a tight place or not. Therefore, cat whiskers can be used for protection. Especially when traveling, in this or the Otherworlds- cats are said to walk between the worlds, after all. Since they are quite thin and hard to spot when not on the cat- and therefore difficult to find- they also have the properties of good luck and fortune.
  • You can also burn a whisker to boost manifestation. There is even an old wives’ tale that says if you burn a cat whisker and make a wish, your wish will come true!
  • Keep a few in your car for protection and to avoid accidents 
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