"Cleansing" Desert Rose Sterling Silver Ring OOAK

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Size 5.5
Sterling Silver
OOAK Desert Rose

The desert rose is a beautiful crystal formation, naturally occurring in the deserts and arid climates where the conditions result in the evaporation of salt basis over millions of years.

Created over millions of years, through the process of evaporation, a Desert Rose is a "flower" of Selenite and Barite, that can be carried for protection and energetic use.

Known to be powerful amplifier & cleanser of energy simply by having in a room. Connects emotions with the intellect, creating emotional intelligence.

Positive effect, especially if you have lost hope or motivation. Combats laziness. Calms the mind, stimulates insights & boosts memory.

Growth, Intuition, Focus, Meditation, Angelic Spirit, Good Luck, Balance

Chakras: Root, Third Eye, Crown
Element: Wind

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